Integration tools and solution

Our range of integration tools enable projects to share critical information between some of the biggest solutions on the market including:

  • Teamcenter System Engineering
  • Teamcenter PLM
  • Cradle
  • RIF 1.1a and 1.2 such as from DOORS, PTC Integrity and others


The Integrator is a business strength integration platform that enables data from a variety of different tools to be shared and synchronised between each other.

Designed for the engineering market it allows your critical data to become part of the overall product delivery process, whilst still retaining separate schemas and product settings.

RIF Studio™

The RIF Studio enhances the OEM/supplier relationships by making use of your tool’s existing RIF and ReqIF functionality. This being a simple and cost effective way to enhance your project communication.

RIF Editor™

RIF is becoming THE recognised standard for requirements transfer. It enables requirements to be shared irrespective of the tool being deployed and provides smaller companies with the ability to work more easily with larger ones.

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