How we work

Our services division offers a professional and realistic approach to fine-tuning your integration needs.

We are able to adapt and customise our Integrator™, RIF Editor™ or RIF Studio™ products to maximise their potential for you. You may even require a new custom product to be part of your solution. We are pragmatic and agile enough to handle this, and do so regularly. No two applications are the same.

When considering integration products, there are many factors to consider – the environments, the product sets, the users, the data, the synchronisation process, the object and property mapping. All of these tasks are crucial and require planning to ensure a seamless deployment. Our team of experienced consultants understand these problems and can help you plan for them. We ask questions that may not have been considered but ultimately we help you plan the best integration strategy for your projects.

Our services division can help you with:

  • Product deployment including environment and process planning
  • Technical data mapping and deployment of solutions
  • Specifications on additional product integrations
  • Development services
  • Architectural review

We’re experienced in many products and standards and can help you to maximise your business connectivity.

A logical progression

It’s simple. We focus on the core need of the customer. With this objective in mind we start to understand the different stages and offer a final solution with a staged process to get there.

For example:

  • Step 1 – Initial planning, understand environments, products and potential changes that may be required
  • Step 2 – Agreeing milestones and timescales
  • Step 4 – Delivering the project
  • Step 5 – After care and solution review

Our services then extend beyond this, working closely with our existing partners and customers to ensure that what we have delivered, keep on delivering and that all expectations are exceeded. For more information on how we can assist you, please contact us