Questions answered and problems solved

We pride ourselves on being approachable, flexible and ready to help with support. If you have any questions or need some assistance then we are only a phone call or email away.

We can visit and perform general health checks on your integrations, troubleshoot the product set or even look at your integration processes and help improve them.

Frequently asked questions
Q. Can I evaluate any of the solutions listed on your website?
A. Yes, we offer immediate 30 day evaluation license that can be extended upon request. As soon as you register for an evaluation we will send you a license and provide you with contact details to discuss your potential needs in more detail.
Q. What is RIF and how do I find more out about it?
A. RIF stands for 'Requirements Interchange Format'. It was created mainly within the automotive sector as a means to share requirements data without having the same 3rd party products installed i.e. offer independence. There have been many different versions of this standard.
Q. Can I book a webex to see the solutions?
A. Of course. They generally take around 45minutes to complete and allow time for discussions and a Q&A session. Just complete the contact us and we will be in touch to make the arrangements.
Q. How do I connect my product into the Asaro product suite?
A. Because the tool suites are open and independent we welcome other organisations wanting to include their products into the solutions. In fact this is how the tools have progressed. You can contact our partner team simply by completing the contact us form or by calling us direct on +44 (0)208 528 1017
Q. How can I purchase the products?
A. There are two elements to purchasing our products. The initial purchase and then on-going and optional product maintenance. Once you are confident that the product provides a good fit for your needs then we can provide an invoice with or without a purchase order. If you would like to discuss software leasing or payments through different formats then please contact us to discuss them in more detail.
Q. What if I have problems during my evaluation?
A. We of course hope there are no problems during your evaluation, but as we pride ourselves on the support we offer it's a good way of seeing how professional and responsive we are. If you haven't signed up for our support site then it's often a good place to start, or just fill in the support form for a direct answer from us.
If none of the above answer your question you can email us your question here.