RIF Editor 2015™


Key features

RIF is becoming THE recognised standard for requirements transfer. It enables requirements to be shared irrespective of the tool being deployed and provides smaller companies with the ability to work more easily with larger ones.

RIF is of course an XML based concept and is only readable when imported into a commercially available application. These can be expensive and provide far too much functionality when all you want to do is review, comment and deliver against the customer requirements.

RIF Editor™ was designed with three simple goals:

  • Intuitive and simple interface
  • Flexible RIF capability
  • Low cost

It has a simple and striking interface that allows you to define what data you wish to see. You can create columns of attributes or structures and hierarchies to make sure you can see all of the information you need.

It doesn’t matter if you are sent RIF1.1a and RIF1.2, or from products such as DOORS, Exerpt or Elektra, RIF Editor™ can handle and show them all.

And the costs are easy to understand and budget for – it’s a simple RIF Editor and is priced accordingly.

If you are interested in using RIF within your systems and require a strong product export into RIF, why not look at Integrator to enable you to export data from a variety of tools into a RIF compliant format.

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