RIF Studio 2015™

Key features

The RIF Studio is a simple and effective way to use the RIF data that you have been provided.

The RIF standard has really helped the OEM/supplier relationships to emerge and for projects to truly become integrated. However as with any standard it isn’t always as simple as it might be.

Many OEMs generate their RIF data then simply pass this to their suppliers without any understanding of how it will then be used in their own environments and systems. The RIF Studio is designed to enhance the existing practices and make the most of the customer’s chosen requirement tool decisions.


The process is simple, the OEM will generate RIF data and pass to the supplier. Usually the supplier will then try and import that RIF data into their systems. The likelihood is that this will fail for a number of reasons. It could be that the RIF version is incorrect, the RIF schema doesn’t match the schema in the tool or that the tool simply doesn’t have the capability to use RIF data.

The RIF Studio doesn’t interact directly with the tools but provides a simple converter for the data. You can change the RIF format, for example from DOORS to PTC Integrity, rename the types and properties, convert the complex data and combine different properties. You are then provided with the newly formatted RIF data which will be imported into the tool you use. And of course then manage change as and when neccesary.

Why not contact Asaro to discuss your requirements. We have a wealth of experience around RIF as well as the tools that can utilise these standards. Please contact us for more information

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